The norms and values of embracing AI in the world we live in are still undergoing evolution. While we seek to harness AI to augment human intelligence and drive societal progress, we must also confront critical challenges such as fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability, as well as the potential for bias embedded within AI systems. At the heart of our research is the attempt to leverage data science, design science, and behavioural science to understand and disseminate deep knowledge of interactive and responsible AI, focusing on human-centred approaches to its implementation. This knowledge, in turn, informs the design and regulation of AI systems that are resilient, equitable, and aligned with social good.

Housed in the Open Lab, School of Computing, Newcastle University, Human-Al Interaction (Haii, pronounced / haɪ / ) Lab is committed to investigating how intelligent software and hardware can foster effective collaboration and co-creation between humans and AI while upholding ethical, legal, and societal values. We are drawn to the empirical study of future AI-powered interactive systems, focusing on developing and experimenting with technology that advances creativity, productivity, adaptability, participation, diversity, inclusion, and heterogeneity. Our research spans applied fields such as education, design, publicity, cybersecurity, healthcare, and well-being.